Tips for shoe fitting

  1. When buying a new pair of shoes, the golden rule is to buy what fits, not what is written on the box end label.
  2. The size you think you are is a starting point, a guide, to purchasing your new shoes.
  3. Your feet will be bulkier at the end of the day, than at the beginning, so make allowances for this.
  4. Always try the new shoes on in a standing position, rather than sitting down, and walk around in them to ensure they do not slip at the heel. If this happens, go down half a size.
  5. If half sizes are not available, and you still feel the shoes are a little loose, put a half insole in the forepart of the shoe to help push the foot backwards, enabling the correct fit in the main joint of the foot to be in the correct position.
  6. Remember, different brands of shoes, and even different types of leather finish will make a difference on the fit of the shoe. You may need a half size bigger or smaller according to brand.
  7. As an adult, you do not need to leave 'growing room' at the toe of the shoe, this is something you can leave behind from childhood. So don't buy shoes too big as in wear they will probably get even bigger as the leather they are manufactured from will stretch a little with the warmth of the feet.
  8. If you need wider fitting shoes, ask the Assistant to help by indicating which brands have wider fitting options. From this selection, you should be able to try on several styles and choose the shoes that are most comfortable for your particular foot shape.