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Congratulations on discovering this website, dedicated to showcasing the best from independent footwear retailers across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


All the shops are members of the Independent Footwear Retailers Association, a trade association for hundreds of shoe retailers all across the land.


These shops exist to offer something refreshingly different to the big, all powerful, retail names who are turning the highstreets and shopping centres of Britain into indistinguishable clones of one other. If you are member of the public you can search here for independent footwear retailers in your area. It is possible to search for those who specialise in small fittings, large fittings, you can search by footwear brand, you can even get their phone number which you can ring and speak to an actual person (not a machine)!


Although each member is fully independent of every other one, we share a real love of footwear and a passion to deliver a unique and individual shopping experience. I hope you are pleasantly surprised by the range of offerings from our members.


If you own a shoe shop and are interested in the benefits of joining the Independent Footwear Retailers Association, please visit our website.




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